vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012

DJ Graffs - Winter Coming Hits Compilation

DJ Graffs - Winter Coming Hits Compilation by Dj Graffs on Mixcloud

  • Tracklist:

    1.Like Chocolate - Mr.Celentano (LLP Remix)(Extended)
    2.Dj Sava - Cocktail (Extended Master)
    3.Ruby - Stinge lumina (Dj Khan remix)
    4.Nick Kamarera Feat. Alinka - How Deep Is Your Love (Extended Version)
    5.Andeeno Damassy - Drive me crazy (Extended Mix)
    6.Ricky L - Babilonia (Emil Lassaria Remix)
    7.Sergio DN feat. Khristeen - Can you feel (XTD Version)
    8.Dj Bonne ft. Chriss-Tina - Radio (Al Mike Production Extended Mix)
    9.Deepcentral - O stea (Killing Time Remix)
    10.SMILEY & ALEX VELEA FT. DON BAXTER - Cai Verzi (Marc Rayen & John Deeper Extended Mix)
    11.Anna Lesko - Ia-ma (extended)
    12.CONNECT-R - LOVE IS THE WAY (Extended Club)
    13.Arando Marquez - Need Ya (Dj Bonne Remix)
    14.Stroke69 vs Dj Antoine - Welcome To the Club (Cover Extended)
    15.PARTY COLLECTIVE feat. SHAKA MUV - VIP (Fly Records Extended)

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